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And So The Back Story Goes…

I love the original GSC Jersey.  I would be willing to bet that I wear the white version of their first design more then anyone else on planet earth.Not bragging, its just that its probably my all-time favorite bike jersey!  Don’t get me wrong, the Team Dream kits are GREAT! Like REALLY GREAT and you should buy them all…maybe even two of each!  Its just that when I wear my own designs too often it sort of feels like being in a (shitty) rock band (I would be the keyboard player who never gets babes) & wearing my own bands t-shirt on stage. Plus I love the simplicity of the design (by Adria Klora) & supporting my friends. I’ve had a few of these jerseys now. 

One day while riding/shredding/falling I tore said jersey beyond repair & discarded it into a box with other thrashed cycling apparel that I cannot bring myself to throw out.  I am a hoarder in this sense I guess.  A few weeks later, my girlfriend Carla & I were experimenting with some tie dye (This is what people living in Topanga Canyon do with free time…when they’re not building yerts).  I decided to throw a few old relics in the mix (no pun intended), including this jersey and the rest is you know…like, history…man.  You can see the hand dyed version above (bottom image).

We didn’t plan on this becoming “a thing” or producing these.  You cant really use regular cotton/wool dye on polyester.  The colors will fade out completely with a single wash, so we just hung it up near the Golden Saddle Cyclery cash register for people to pine over.  Lots of people asked to pick one up & for well over a year now we talked about producing this. For a while people even started sending Carla & I their Rapha wool jerseys & letting us tie dye them!  “Ruining” or “enhancing”  a $200 piece of cycling apparel with dye is actually pretty fun.

Bobby Endo (Endo Customs) & I loosely brainstormed ways to make this jersey for a while, but we both agreed it had to be equally as rad as the original.  At one point I discussed breaking sublimation ink cartridges at Bobby’s factory.  This would have meant using the printer ink to tie dye the jerseys by hand, possible ruining his heat press and making an insane toxic mess!  Needless to say, Bobby wasn’t down.

It took some time but we are finally giving it a go (top image), and I cant wait to get my hands on one.  Thanks to Adria / Josh for making my original favorite jersey & I couldn’t be happier to have Team Dream put our stamp on this new Golden Saddle Psychlery version.  I hope you guys dig it…man!